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Charlotte McGowan-Griffin's sculptural and spatial practice takes on a variety of forms and media, with a focus on paper as subject and medium. From large-scale walk-in installations to intricate graphic works, she uses a combination of media and paper techniques to explore space, presence and form, operating on the paper both through "cutting out" and what she terms "cutting in"; embossing and watermarking; folding, tearing, piercing and braiding. This she has often combined with found object, moving image, sound and performance, exploring histories and materialities of paper as medium and technology, including by way of the novel (The Whiteness of the Whale), the encyclopaedia (From Sarsaparilla to Sorcery) account books (Kami no Machi) and inscription in general (The Origin of the World).

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Born in London, Charlotte studied Fine Art at London's Goldsmiths College, 16mm filmmaking at AFECT, and Moving Image at Central Saint Martins, University of London. She has received various international grants and scholarships for her installations and paper-based works, including a UNESCO-Aschberg scholarship in 2003 and Pollock-Krasner Award in 2011. In 2012 she published her monograph “Cutting In, Cutting Out”. She has taken part in exhibitions at public and private institutions such as Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg), Academy of Fine Arts, (Leipzig), Museum Bellerive (Zurich), Armory Center (Pasadena), Horst-Janssen Museum (Oldenburg), Museum Modernen Kunst (Kärnten) and Museum Kunst der Westküste (Alkersum), as well as solo and duo projects in Berlin, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Beijing. 

Her self-produced 2017 film Folie Circulaire was exhibited at Short Film Corner in Cannes and in competition at the Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran. She is currently writing and producing further works of experimental documentary, including the film Irrequietezza, as well as other films at the intersection of documentary/essay film and artists moving image.

For more information, to request a digital portfolio or order a catalogue click here

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